"KOPIASTE" is a word you will often hear while in Cyprus, and when you do, rest assures that you are in the best of places to be.You have come across genuine, open-hearted Cypriot hospitality.

What does it mean ? It's rather difficult word to translate, as it's more of a welcoming expression for "come and join us" may it be for coffee or in one's home.

What should your reply be, you ask? Simple, "efharisto, ti kanete'?". which translates into "thank you, how are you ?"

But let's not waste any more time. To help you befriend locals, who are always proud when a foreigner addresses them in their mother tongue, we've prepared a crash course in basic Greek words.Try using them first and be sure a Cypriot will immediately become your friend.

Hello Yiasas Cheers Is igia
No Ohi Good night Kali nikta
Yes Neh Good morning Kali mera
Please Parakalo Thank You Efharisto
Excuse me Signomi Mr/Ms. Kirios/Kiria
Very Good Poli Kalo Very bad Poli Kako
Today Simera Petrol station Stathmos venzinis
Yesterday Hthes Restaurant Estiatorio
House Spiti Bar Mbaraki
Hotel Xenodohio Beer Mbira
Disco Diskothiki Wine Krasi
Water Nero Drink Poto
Food Fagito Closed Klisto
Open Anikto The road for.. O dromos yia...
Tomorrow Avrio Bicycle Podilato
Road Dromos Bus Stop Stasi leoforiou
Taxi Taksi Beach Paralia
Bus Leoforio Town Poli
Sea Thalassa Monastery Monastiri
Village Horio What's your name? Pos sas lene?
Church Eklisia How old are you? Poso hronon iste?